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You're the bomb! Why bath time just got a little more exciting

Sunday, June 4, 2017

So you're sitting in your apartment alone wondering whether you want to binge watch 13 Reasons Why or order in some Chinese take out. Decisions
...decisions. But then you remember that you need/deserve some relaxation to calm that stress from your 9 to 5.

If you've been keeping up with the world trends on social media : charcoal teeth whitener, blackhead pore peel mask,--(you know, the video of the girl trying to peel the black mask off her face while screaming profanities if that wasn't enough to send anyone running for the hills from this product) and my current favorite trend bath bombs! I can not begin to tell you the several Instagram videos I've seen of someone dropping these colorful bombs in a tub of water and watching it fizz into what seems like a water colored painting.

Regular baths are relaxing and therapeutic but it can also be plain blah...These palm size spheres can add color that has a burst of fragrance that scents your entire bathroom. It's literally like swimming in a colorful ocean of swirls. So yes girls , our bath time just got a little more exciting minus our wine glass near by, music, and aromatherapy candles. However if you're not really big on bath bombs and want to spruce up your bath time a bit without going over board, add a few drops of lavender chamomile oils to your bath water. What are some of your favorite bath bombs ? I am very curious to try new ones. Leave a comment below.

Bath time is always about setting the mood right? Here's some music that I have on repeat during my bath time.

1. Jhene- Brave
2. 6lack- Free
3. Amanda Stenberg - Let My Baby Stay
4. Khalid- Location
5. Ro James- Burn Slow
6. Ro James- Already knew that

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