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Say Yes to the Dress: A bride's guide to chic

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Congratulations you are engaged to the love of your life! Which means
you are immediately in full throttle bridezilla (a nice one though:-) mode. One of the first things you do is revisit those wedding pins you pinned (5 days after meeting your now fiancé but hey, I won't tell if you won't) on Pinterest. Your mind is literally like an open guest list, wedding venue, engagement photos and of course the most important detail of it all, your WEDDING DRESS!

Now we all can't be Carrie Bradshaw, dolled up lavishly in designer wedding gowns smiling at the camera as Ciara's "Click, Flash" song plays vibrantly in the background. This is real life! Well I'm here to help and offer tips and selections for your special day.

Rule ONE: Say Yes to the RIGHT dress. It's like your future hubby, when you know, you just KNOW. It feels right. It's THE ONE!

                                               L A C E   G O W N S 

Lace give such a romantic , vintage touch for brides. Whether it's guipure lace or embroidered lace, its unique stitching will have you feeling like the most beautiful woman that you are. Here's a few of my favorites.



                                            C h i f f o n

From the design to the fabric, chiffon is ideal and highly preferred for the elegant elite woman. With it's majestic charm, chiffon is highly popular and the most requested fabric.

                                                           White Chiffon Tulle Dress

                                            T R U M P E T   M E R M A I D

Trumpet mermaids are perfect for outlining your silhouette. It's fitted frame that ends in a dramatic fitted skirt will have your wedding wowed when you walk down the isle.

                                                   Trumpet Mermaid Scoop Dress

These are just a FEW of several that I'd loved. Go checks out more of these fabulous dresses here!

Long Formal Dresses

                         This is a sponsored post. However, opinions are solely my own.
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