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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summers, Spring breaks, Senior ditch day, random road trips all involve one location....
Panama City Beach Florida.  Front beach road employs its harmonic convergence of sunshine, sandy beaches, and snow cones. Sea salt, sandy toes, ocean views, if you needed it, you bee lined it to the Panhandle.
 Riding jet skis, driving mini motorcars down the strip, snow cones, and dancing the night away at club LaVela while chugging down daquiris. Ahh if only I had the alcohol consumption and energy to stay up past 9pm to relive those teenage and young adult years..sigh.... Now in my late twenties, I now revisit this place to lie on the beach, eat at beach front restaurants and shop at Pier Park. It's literally a little world of happiness all in one location.

 Sweatshirt - Rue21 (old)|

If you follow my Instagram stories, then you honestly would think that I live here. For just a spur of the moment trip, I wore a bikini under my oversized sweatshirt. It was very windy so this look was perfect for the forecast. What are some of your favorite beach wear trends?
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