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At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it REALLY work?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I do not go the dentist as often as I should. There. I said it.*Inserts shocked emoji and crowd gasps*. Growing up, I brushed my teeth every day. No whitening. So you can imagine the color of my teeth.
 I absolutely refused spending hundreds of dollars on useless whitening treatments.. I needed something that was affordable yet EFFECTIVE. I was more than thrilled when I saw

Gals That Brunch: Dothan Chapter

Sunday, October 15, 2017

If you've watched my Insastories, you would know that I am a big brunch eater! On Saturdays you will most likely find me brunchin at my favorite local downtown eatery. This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending my first

Mimosas At the Barre

Saturday, October 7, 2017
                                                      Photo cred: Pure Barre Dothan

Over the weekend, I attended Barre to Brunch. It was my first Barre to Brunch pop up class. The event was hosted by Pure Barre and KBC. Let me just say, I didn't know much about Barre until I got there.

The class began at 9am. My morning started off five minutes late but I was able to sneak to the back, get out my yoga mat and jump right into the pliés. The weather was perfect for an early morning workout . Upon arrival, I was shocked that their were so many women spread out on the lawn doing simultaneous isometric movements.

The upbeat music blasted as the instructor had a microphone attached to her ears as she walked around encouraging women and helping them get the most out of their work out. What I loved about it the most ,was that it was women from ALL different kind of walks of life coming together for a fun work out.  This group of women ranged from ages to 10 and up, different shades, and sizes! Some were super fit and some were beginners like myself.

Ya'll, your girl had NO idea how out of shape I was until we began exercises that targeted so many muscles at once. From creating a diamond shape with our heels, to extending our legs and holding planks...My legs and thighs were SHAKING --which the instructor told us to embrace and consider it a very good sign. I pushed myself as hard as I could through out the class. My. God. I. Thought. I. Was. Going. To. Fall .Out!!!  Okay, I'm being slightly overly dramatic but the satisfaction you get after completing this amazing work out is INDESCRIBABLE.

After a hour of barre, we all walked over next door to KBC for complimentary mimosas. Women grabbed their glass while looking at the brunch menu--me included. Smells of macaroons , mimoas, and freshly baked cakes filled the resturant's air. I ordered the french toast with bacon and a cup of fruit. I sipped on my mimosas and made some new friends.

Gals That Brunch is held the first Saturday of each month. I am thrilled to go to the next session. Have you guys tried Barre? Let me know your experience!

Rocksbox Subscription Review + FREE box code

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Happy Fall everyone! I'm so excited to share my latest collaboration with a company I was dying to work with for quite some time now! You could imagine my shock when I received an

Good Vibes for Mexican

Saturday, September 9, 2017

 I hope everyone is having a great week. Just wanted to share a casual outfit that I wore for

10 Reasons Why You Should Be ICING Your Face

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

She said WHAAT?! Yes. Ice. On. The. Face.

Okay let me be totally honest and tell ya'll that I've never heard of putting ice on your face as a beauty regimen except for the time I burned my face trying to use a curling iron with a 2 inch rod for the first time (and let me tell you, the experience was not the ice box where my heart used to be...)

After scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across (one of my sweet blogger babes/ friend) Caitlyn of Fork&Frill's instastories. She basically had this beauty tool in her hand  and she was rolling it all over her face.

Of course I messaged her and asked her for more information about this gadget. Here's the run down of the gadget.

1. It decreased wrinkles
2. It reduces puffiness
3. Minimizes redness
4. Reduces hyperpigmentation
5. It tightens and smooths your complexion
6. A great alternative for people with sensitive skin
7. Calms inflammations caused from allergies
8. Dramatically relieves muscle pains
9. Reduces the look of fatigue
5. It costs $10 bucks

Those of you that get your eyebrows threaded or waxed, this tool will definitely soothe and minimize those bumps we all hate after getting our eyebrows arched. If those reasons don't sale you, then I don't know what you are doing with your life (just kidding). No but seriously, what are you DOING?!!

How to use an ice roller:
 Place your roller head into the freezer (No longer than 4 hours). When finished, snap head onto roller handle. Roll onto any areas your need relief from. This is ideal for after eyebrow treatments, carefully roll over and around irritated areas of the eyebrows.

What are some of your beauty tools that you are loving at the moment? Share! I'd love to know! Until next time!

Purchase ice roller here



BootayBag Subscription Box

Monday, August 14, 2017
Subscriptions boxes are such a fun way to explore new products! Although there are many beauty/clothing boxes out there, when it comes to underwear...